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  1. Our Clinics

    The Talizi Hair Transplant Center was founded in Tbilisi in 1998

    We are the member of the ISHRS. Today our service is available in following clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) ...

  2. Long Hair Transplant

    Talizi is the first clinic in Europe which offers you long hair transplant

    A completely new direction in hair transplant field is – long hair transplant. Marcelo Pitchon – a famous Brazilian surgeon is considered to the pioneer...

  3. FUT Method

    Follicular Unit Transplantation – strip method is the basic method in hair restoration surgery

    With FUT method in case of need we perform giga sessions – up to 6000 graft transplantation during 5-6 hour...

  4. FUE Method

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is minimally invasive method of hair transplantation

    Talizi offers large scale FUE procedure up to 4000 grafts transplantation during one session...

  5. BHT Method

    Body Hair Transplantation – BHT

    In cases of poor donor supply with BHT method we are able to harvest additional grafts from different parts of body - chest, beard, legs, pubic, etc...

  6. Tricopihgmentation

    Talizi offers new Tricopigmentation Technology

    Tricopihgmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves introduction of specific pigments into very superficial part of the skin...

  7. Medical Tour

    Medical Tour in Talizi

    Since 2005 Talizi organizes medical tours in Georgia and gives you an opportunity...



Tricopihgmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves introduction of specific pigments into very superficial part of the skin using specialized machinery and equipment. Tricopigmentation technique is absolutely different from tattoo method, as pigment is introduced to very superficial layer of the skin ensuring maximally natural result, pigment distribution and color.

It is important to note, that Tricopigmentation effect does not last forever, but is temporary compared to tattoo technique, lasting for 1,5-2 years, as we all change during the time, permanent effects can become not natural as time goes by, making this technique absolutely safe and natural.

Tricopigmentation is similar process to SMP where the practitioner recreates the look of the natural hair follicle by placing pigment in the skin. It too resembles a shaven hair follicle or can add color behind longer strands of existing hair. The main difference between Tricopigmentation (Trico) and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) are the pigments that are used. The Tricopigmentation process uses a special pigment known as a hydrophilic pigment. These organic and in-organic pigments are encapsulated to keep a very crisp impression in the skin but will break down within two to three years time.

If a temporary hair loss solution is desired Trico might be the better option, however, pigment can linger in the skin in some individuals. Here at Talizi clinic we use only the best for our Tricopigmentation procedures and we are proud to list Beauty Medical, Int. as our exclusive Triopigmentation supplier.

Who can benefit from having Tricopigmentation?

Clinic Talizi’s exclusive Tricopigmentation procedures simulate natural looking hair follicles to restore the appearance of shaven or longer hair follicles. The pigmented impression our specialist’s apply to your scalp are designed to integrate and blend into your natural hair pattern giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair. Tricopigmentation treatment can be indicated to different type hair loss patients, or even just for camouflaging postoperative scaring after previous surgical procedures or traumvas.

  • Genetic hair loss in both Men and Women
  • Scar Concealment
  • Various types of Alopecia
  • Those who have had or planning to have surgical hair restoration or hair transplant
  • Those who are no longer candidates for surgical hair restoration
  • Removal or retirement of prosthetic hair systems or wigs

How long does it take for the pigment to disappear?

The Tricopigmentation pigment was developed in the laboratory so that the immune system can absorb it within 2-3 years depending on personal characteristics of the individual. Among the elements to consider: skin type, habits of the client, strength of the immune system, etc. As a consequence, it is impossible to foresee the exact timing of the fading process.


Reaching shaved look result


Shaved hair look which has become more acceptable option for balding men can be reached with Tricopigmentation procedure, pigment is distributed in a very natural manner, exactly in same pattern as natural hair would appear, ensuring very natural cosmetic effect of distribution.


Scar Correction

Tricopigmentation can successfully serve for correction and camouflaging postsurgical or post burn/trauma scars and represents to be minimally invasive and painless procedure. This innovative technique is successfully used for correction of hair transplantation scars in donor area using by both follicular unit Transplantation (Strip surgery) and follicular Unit extraction Methods.



Cosmetic density increase and fullness effect

Is it possible to undergo a Tricopigmentation treatment with long hair? I’m not willing to shave yet and I think I won’t do it for long. Is there a solution to make a quick fix in the meantime?

Yes, we can carry out a Tricopigmentation treatment with density effect to reduce transparencies and camouflage actual hair loss, creating more fullness cosmetic effect. It is not required to shave hair for undergoing Tricopigmentation procedure.


5th Latin-American FUE workshop

26-th Annual Conference of ISHRS, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Annual scientific meeting of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons was held in Hollywood...
Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

On dates September 22nd and 23rd Clinic Talizi has celebrated 20 years anniversary since opening of first hair transplantation clinic in Caucasian region...
Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Clinic TALIZI team has accomplished surgery of unique volume - 9688 follicular units transplantation in single, 11 hour FUT session...
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