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  1. Our Clinics

    The Talizi Hair Transplant Center was founded in Tbilisi in 1998

    We are the member of the ISHRS. Today our service is available in following clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) ...

  2. Long Hair Transplant

    Talizi is the first clinic in Europe which offers you long hair transplant

    A completely new direction in hair transplant field is – long hair transplant. Marcelo Pitchon – a famous Brazilian surgeon is considered to the pioneer...

  3. FUT Method

    Follicular Unit Transplantation – strip method is the basic method in hair restoration surgery

    With FUT method in case of need we perform giga sessions – up to 6000 graft transplantation during 5-6 hour...

  4. FUE Method

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is minimally invasive method of hair transplantation

    Talizi offers large scale FUE procedure up to 4000 grafts transplantation during one session...

  5. BHT Method

    Body Hair Transplantation – BHT

    In cases of poor donor supply with BHT method we are able to harvest additional grafts from different parts of body - chest, beard, legs, pubic, etc...

  6. Tricopihgmentation

    Talizi offers new Tricopigmentation Technology

    Tricopihgmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves introduction of specific pigments into very superficial part of the skin...

  7. Medical Tour

    Medical Tour in Talizi

    Since 2005 Talizi organizes medical tours in Georgia and gives you an opportunity...


Our Advantages in Hair Transplantation

TALIZI is at your service since 1998. Already 15 years have passed from the day we have started hair transplant. During these years we have performed more than 5000 hair transplant surgeries and all these not only on Caucasians, but at the same time on Africans and Asians. Despite the great experience TALIZI has never been as closed system, on the contrary our doctors and assistants are active members of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). We always took into account the experience of world leading hair transplant surgeons; we used and tried not only our own methods, but all generally existed technique and after chose the best. As a result of the synthesis, the handwriting typical to TALIZI has established (giga sessions, dense packing and the combination of FUT and FUE), which are well known around the world. For today, TALIZI is not only the clinic of hair transplant, but also is a training centre for postgraduate doctors, who are coming from different countries and systematically are passing training courses in our center.
TALIZI is a specialized clinic for hair transplantation. We do only hair transplant surgeries and nothing else, but we successfully perform hair transplant with all world provided methods.
TALIZI offers all methods of hair transplant surgery: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Long Hair Transplantation and Body Hair Transplantation (BHT).The existence of these methods gives an opportunity to select optimal method or the combination of methods in case of specific or even difficult cases of hair transplantation.
Large-scale hair transplant surgeries are the strong side of "TALIZI". In case of need, our team, consisting of 10-15 surgical assistants is able to perform 4000-6000 follicular unit transplantation by FUT method in 5-6 hours. This duration is absolutely not tiring, neither for the patient, nor for personnel. Using the FUE method in our clinic it is possible to transplant up to 4000 grafts in one 6–8 hour session. Today we are performing small FUE sessions - up to 1500 grafts without cutting hair. So, large scale transplantation is not a difficulty for us. Especially easy are small scale surgeries - transplantation of 2000 FUs.
Hair transplantation in TALIZI is quite brief and painless operation. Professionalism and coordinated system of work of our numerous surgical teams as a result achieved very brief duration of standard hair transplant surgeries: 2-3 hours for 2000-2500 FU transplantation. Thanks to the original technology, hair transplant procedure in TALIZI is absolutely painless and without bleeding. As a result of all this, patients feel maximally comfortable during several hours they spent in our clinic.
TALIZI clinic achieves high density during hair transplant. In everyday practice we transplant 45-70 Follicular units in 1cm2, which is close to natural density. During scientific experiment, in 2008 we have achieved record density index for today – 100 FUs per 1cm2 without decreasing survival rate (see: scientific publication). Such a high density of FUs transplantation is achieved by preparing follicular units under 20 X magnifications Meiji microscopes and special modification of micro blades, size 0,7-1,0mm diameter. Such thinnest needles leave no trace. Besides this, close contact of transplanted follicles to the sides of recipient sites provides its quick (36-48 hours) healing. By the order of our clinic modification of used micro blades gives us a chance to define depth (3-5 mm) of created recipient site and by the help of it avoid unnecessary trauma and scarring and on the other hand it’s the best way of preventing folliculitis. Besides this, above mentioned technology makes dense packing possible without damaging follicles, which is the precondition of achieving high density (100 FUs per 1cm2) in hair transplantation.
Follicular units and recipient sites counter automatic system used in TALIZI gives patients objective information about the exact quantity of transplanted FUs. Simply said, patient gets information about the scale of transplanted FUs not from doctors side, but see’s it on the monitor on his own.
TALIZI uses combination of sagital and coronal recipient sites, which increases visual effect of naturalness and fullness of transplanted hair.
TALIZI’s own method of donor wound closure based on trixophitic closure excludes creation of noticeable postoperative scars on the occipital area in case of hair transplantation by FUT method.
Hair transplant performed in TALIZI clinic is characterized by easy postoperative period, gives no face swelling and is absolutely painless. Patients are allowed to wash head immediately after finishing the hair transplant procedure and are returning their usual rhythm of life. Have no restriction regarding food, drink and physical activity. Do not need to overcome unpleasant process of removing sutures and also are protected from infectious or other complications.
Hair transplant surgery results – hair coming and its further constant growth is guaranteed in TALIZI clinic. Before surgery clinic signs an agreement with patient. Agreement includes legal liability of TALIZI clinic on the results and patients guarantees.
TALIZI clinics mostly distinguishable advantage is a best ratio of quality and price: 1 graft by FUT – 1,5 $ and 1 graft by FUE method – 2,5 $.
And finally it’s important to be noted that all male surgeons at "Talizi" had problems with hair loss and all of them have undergone hair grafting at our clinic: director of the clinic A. Tsilosani – VI degree alopecia; leading surgeon V. Vadachkoria – III degree alopecia. It is worthwhile to mention that all of them were general profile surgeons and they were first acquainted with hair grafting as patients, and started to work in this sphere only after. This means that we can see hair grafting not only from physician’s perspective, but from patient’s perspective as well; we were patients ourselves and we fully understand the feelings and expectations of men before hair transplantation. This is why our clinic is so sensitive to the needs of all our patients.
Thus, if you suffer either from androgenic alopecia or scarring alopecia the only way of recovering problem is hair transplantation. And in case you decide hair transplant, TALIZI is the best and foreseeing prices the only choice.


5th Latin-American FUE workshop

26-th Annual Conference of ISHRS, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Annual scientific meeting of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons was held in Hollywood...
Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

On dates September 22nd and 23rd Clinic Talizi has celebrated 20 years anniversary since opening of first hair transplantation clinic in Caucasian region...
Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Clinic TALIZI team has accomplished surgery of unique volume - 9688 follicular units transplantation in single, 11 hour FUT session...
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