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  1. Our Clinics

    The Talizi Hair Transplant Center was founded in Tbilisi in 1998

    We are the member of the ISHRS. Today our service is available in following clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) ...

  2. Long Hair Transplant

    Talizi is the first clinic in Europe which offers you long hair transplant

    A completely new direction in hair transplant field is – long hair transplant. Marcelo Pitchon – a famous Brazilian surgeon is considered to the pioneer...

  3. FUT Method

    Follicular Unit Transplantation – strip method is the basic method in hair restoration surgery

    With FUT method in case of need we perform giga sessions – up to 6000 graft transplantation during 5-6 hour...

  4. FUE Method

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is minimally invasive method of hair transplantation

    Talizi offers large scale FUE procedure up to 4000 grafts transplantation during one session...

  5. BHT Method

    Body Hair Transplantation – BHT

    In cases of poor donor supply with BHT method we are able to harvest additional grafts from different parts of body - chest, beard, legs, pubic, etc...

  6. Tricopihgmentation

    Talizi offers new Tricopigmentation Technology

    Tricopihgmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves introduction of specific pigments into very superficial part of the skin...

  7. Medical Tour

    Medical Tour in Talizi

    Since 2005 Talizi organizes medical tours in Georgia and gives you an opportunity...


Patients Feedback

Laura C. Italy

I am writing after almost 4 months after my eyebrow transplant, and i cannot thank you enough for the amazing job. The hair are not yet thick and full and i can see new hair starting grow, but they are very closed to the skin and they do not stand up like my previous eyebrow transplant.

There is no compare to the other transplant which gave me terrible result, with hair standing up and wrong direction.


Hello, I saw and feel how professionally and huge experience was your team, Time was too short see your fabulous and magical Tbilisi town! Kind regards. Jarkko

Stephen P.

Thank you so much and again, you guys were wonderful and I have absolutely no pain. I've had FUE procedures before, but so far this was the easiest and the funniest one. You guys are great! All my friends called me yesterday and they're all excited to see my results, so they can come to you. We'll see my results and if I need more, I will be back! See you!

Thanks so much.

Jess Johnson

I was one of your very first US customers April 2. 2004. It has been almost ten years and your procedure was an excellent decision for me. I hope you and your family are well. It was the best money I ever spent and your technique was excellent.

Thank u very much

Jihad Elamrani

Je suis très heureux de mon résultat, ma vie a beaucoup changé après greffe den cheveux dans Talizi. Merci beaucoup pour votre approche professionnelle et amicale. De plus! Je veux faire une deuxième intervention. Merci à Docteur Akaki et toute l'équipe Talizi.

Cordialement Jihad Elamrani

J. Tibets

I arrived in Georgia on Sunday and was taken to the hotel. The following morning I met Dr. Akaki and he was extremely helpful in answering all my questions; regarding the size of instruments used, the possibility of shock loss and how to effectively deal with it, and together we decided on my hairline and that we would do the one and two follicle units to have a natural hairline. The actual procedure was very easy; Dr Akaki was extremely professional while cutting the donor area and I felt nothing, he explained to me throughout the procedure what was happening. After the strip was taken he showed me how they evaluate the hairs under the microscope and how they go about selecting appropriate hairs; he then used the .7mm needle to do the frontal area; and slightly larger needles to do the top. He used a counter to keep track of the number of hairs placed in total he did 2040. The whole procedure took approximately 4 hours and I felt nothing. I was able to sleep on the back of my head and have had no pain in the donor area (he gave me painkillers for Monday, but I have taken nothing today and feel no pain. I had a bit of swelling in the forehead but it subsided within 24 hours. I am very pleased with the procedure and feel that I was informed throughout by Dr Akaki as to what I should expect and I found his knowledge and willingness to share very comforting. The procedure was just yesterday and I am hopeful that the results will be very good. Thus far I am completely pleased with the procedure. I would be very happy to hear anyone's thoughts regarding the procedure and am happy to answer any questions.

Jeff, Boston

Clinic's atmosphere is very friendly and situation is like family. People say that I'm look like more than 10 years younger. For sure, my result beyond expectations, I highly recommend anyone interested in hair transplantation to visit Talizi.

George, Amsterdam

I’m happy with my result, now I don’t have to comb my hair to cover my forehead anymore. Thank you Talizi team, you're really great!

Jonas, Dublin

My result is amazing! It is already one year after my hair transplant procedure and I feel that my life has changed a lot. My friends, whom I have not met for a while can’t recognize me sometimes, now my hair looks like when I was 20 years old. Thank you very much for your professional and friendly approach.

Ben Myles. USA

I have been looking for my hair loss solutions for more than 5 years; When I have noticed that my hair was going thinner and thinner at the age of 22, I have started with changing my favorite shampoo to the more recommended (expensive) product but it seemed to me that the hair loss process has become more and more aggressive; It was impossible to go out without washing my hair every morning (making my hair look fuller) as the day light highlighting my head showed shiny scalp in my balding crown and frontal areas. I have tried everything I could find on internet and from friends, medications, different shampoos and hair loss products, vitamins and finally mesotherapies, costing thousands of dollars, but with no visible result of improvement. Finally I have decided to undergo hair transplantation procedure, as I had lost may be more than 50% of my hair together with time and efforts and nearly 100% of my budget. It was hard for me to choose clinic abroad, as it is not very comfortable to travel a lot for doing surgery, but taking in account very good prices together with 15 years experience of the clinic Talizi team and hair doctors forced me to schedule my appointment in Tbilisi. The result has really overfilled my expectations as instead of painful surgical procedure, with postoperative period, I have received lovely tour to the beautiful country of biggest history and culture, I have no words enough for expressing my gratefulness for clinic’s team. They have organized everything really excellent as if someone thinks for you every time ensuring your more and more comfortable stay.

My flight has landed in Tbilisi International airport early in the morning with some delay (03:20 AM), I had no intent that clinic would arrange airport transfer in a such early hours and after 3 hours of delay, in flight, but when I saw my name printed out in hands of very pleasant looking girl together with clinic’s Logo in the hands of handsome Driver, something very heavy has left off my shoulders as it is really very important with whom you have your first contact when you arrive in foreign country for undergoing the surgery. On the way to the hotel (which was booked by the clinic and was included in the price of the procedure) I had very interesting and informative conversation with the girl, who met me in airport, as it turned out she has been office manager in the clinic TALIZI and had very professional answers ready for all my plenty questions about the procedures, surgery, postoperative period and about the country, itself, currency and people. Half hours has run away so quickly, that I didn’t even notice when clinic’s van has reached the hotel and I had a chance to have good rest in nice hotel in just 5 min walking distance from the clinic Talizi.

On the second morning, same people have accompanied me to the clinic for passing preoperative consultation after having breakfast in the hotel. Consultation with the doctor has started with my hair check using computer assisted device, which has measured my hair density, thickness and condition in the nape area and finished with planning for the procedure according to my wishes and doctor’s professional recommendations, we have decided number of needed grafts for my case and discussed and decided the preferable method for the transplantation. Final step was drawing hairline, which was done together with my doctor, according to my wishes and doctors’ suggestions. Surgery itself took 3 hours; procedure was absolutely pain free as in the process but also afterwards. During the breaks I was served with delicious Georgian wine, juices and fruits, having lots of fun with very friendly people of the clinic. On the second day I had my postoperative consultation with doctor together with first hair wash.

When we finished in the clinic, we left for the city tour, which was really excellent; I have experienced ancient Georgian culture, with wonderful oldest orthodox churches and fortresses included in world’s treasures of UNESCO heritage, colorful views of the old city Mtskheta and finally Georgian dinner with extremely delicious Georgian cuisine dishes.

It is already 6th months after my procedure, hair growth process started from the 3rd month as I was told by doctor, experiencing my hair grow is inexpressible feeling for me, every day I see that my hair becomes fuller and fuller and that makes me more and more happy. Thank you very much for everything, you have really changed my life!

Peter, Dusseldorf

I decided to come here because of experienced doctors and Medical tour service, it’s really comfortable when manager from Talizi meets you at the airport and drives you to the hotel. I felt relaxed, procedure is very painless and I didn’t feel like I’m on surgery.

Thank you very much I will recommend Talizi to all my interested friends.

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