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  1. Our Clinics

    The Talizi Hair Transplant Center was founded in Tbilisi in 1998

    We are the member of the ISHRS. Today our service is available in following clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE) ...

  2. Long Hair Transplant

    Talizi is the first clinic in Europe which offers you long hair transplant

    A completely new direction in hair transplant field is – long hair transplant. Marcelo Pitchon – a famous Brazilian surgeon is considered to the pioneer...

  3. FUT Method

    Follicular Unit Transplantation – strip method is the basic method in hair restoration surgery

    With FUT method in case of need we perform giga sessions – up to 6000 graft transplantation during 5-6 hour...

  4. FUE Method

    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is minimally invasive method of hair transplantation

    Talizi offers large scale FUE procedure up to 4000 grafts transplantation during one session...

  5. BHT Method

    Body Hair Transplantation – BHT

    In cases of poor donor supply with BHT method we are able to harvest additional grafts from different parts of body - chest, beard, legs, pubic, etc...

  6. Tricopihgmentation

    Talizi offers new Tricopigmentation Technology

    Tricopihgmentation is an aesthetic technique that involves introduction of specific pigments into very superficial part of the skin...

  7. Medical Tour

    Medical Tour in Talizi

    Since 2005 Talizi organizes medical tours in Georgia and gives you an opportunity...


Talizi in Malaysia

hair transplant in malaysia

hair transplant in malaysia

Head of Training Department Salome Vadachkoria passes certificate to surgical assistant from Norway, Jarle Aass

hair transplant in malaysia

Clinic TALIZI Director Akaki Tsilosani together with Singaporean trainees

On July 16-24, 2012, clinic TALIZI team headed by clinic director, doctor Akaki Tsilosani was invited by American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine to conduct master classes in hair transplantation on behalf of AAAM next scheduled training program in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia.

Abovementioned program has been one of the most interesting and successful programs conducted by clinic TALIZI. International team composed of 8 doctors and 8 surgical assistants coming from different countries as Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan attended the course. Training program for doctors was managed by Doctor of Medicine - Akaki Tsilosani. On the same time course for surgical assistants was presented by Head of Training Department - Salome Vadachkoria.

Effectiveness of the program has been proved by pleasant news from two trainee doctors who had started independent practice just in 1 week period after passing the training course. They have successfully accomplished their first hair transplantation surgeries. Such news as a rule always follows after finishing clinic TALIZI training program and serves as proud of the fact for our training team.

hair transplant in malaysia

hair transplant in malaysia

During Surgery in Ruban Nathan’s Hair and Laser Clinic

Main Goal of our visit to Malaysia was not only conducting the training course, but also implementation of pre-signed partnership agreement with countries most famous dermatologist’s, Dr. Ruban Nathan’s hair and laser clinic.

Even though Malaysia is one of the most developed countries of the region after Singapore, with population of more than 20 million people, until now there have not been any specialized hair transplantation clinics in the whole country.

Hair transplantation has been field of the interest for Dr. Ruban Nathan for a long time period. He had been attending number of international conferences managed by International Society of Hair Transplantation Surgeons and had close friendship with famous US Hair transplantation surgeon Dow Stow, but he could not manage to start up independent practice due to difficulty of the field itself.

hair transplant in malaysia

Team of Georgian and Malay Surgical Assistants

On July 2010, Dr. Ruban Nathan has met Clinic TALIZI director Akaki Tsilosani on Regional workshop of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons held in Bangkok, Thailand, where Dr. Akaki has promised him help with the start up and offered him to train his own surgical assistant’s team in clinic TALIZI head office situated in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In May 2012 Dr. Ruban Nathan with his two assistants has visited clinic TALIZI and passed training course together with his team. But he decided to sign partnership agreement with clinic TALIZI as according to his opinion even though he could start independent practice directly after finishing the course, help and support of highly experienced surgeons and assistants would be very important for reaching success for his new start up in the future as well. This was reason to his desire to sign partnership agreement and invited clinic TALIZI team in Malaysia for conducting hair transplantation surgeries with the joint team.

hair transplant in malaysia

hair transplant in malaysia

Dr. Ruban Nathan, Akaki Tsilosani and Salome Vadachkoria during press conference in Sunway Medicals, KL

hair transplant in malaysia

Clinic TALIZI and Ruban Nathan’s Hair and Laser Clinic, joint team

This plan was successfully implemented and first five surgeries have been conducted in Dr. Ruban Natan’s hair and laser clinic in Kuala Lumpur.

In order to educate Malaysian population in the field of hair transplantation and present newest technologies and advances available in this field, Clinic TALIZI Director Akaki Tsilosani and Head of Training Department Salome Vadachkoria had presented on public press conference forum held in Sunway Medicals Hospital in KL and also answered questions of interested people by the most famous radio station, BFM live Broadcasting.

hair transplant in malaysia

Dr. Akaki Tsilosani, Salome Vadachkoria and Dr. Ruban Nathan live in BFM Radio, Kuala Lumpur

We are happy and at the same time proud to announce that clinic TALIZI advance technologies are available now not only in our branch clinics in Georgia, Ukraine, UAE and India, but also in Capital City of Malaysia as well.

5th Latin-American FUE workshop

26-th Annual Conference of ISHRS, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Annual scientific meeting of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons was held in Hollywood...
Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

Clinic Talizi - 20 years Anniversary!

On dates September 22nd and 23rd Clinic Talizi has celebrated 20 years anniversary since opening of first hair transplantation clinic in Caucasian region...
Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Progress of the record breaking hair transplant surgery

Clinic TALIZI team has accomplished surgery of unique volume - 9688 follicular units transplantation in single, 11 hour FUT session...
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